Worst Popular Diets For Anyone (Part I)

There are many ways of weight loss that you can choose from. But this article reveals some of the worst popular diets that have the worst long-term results. Practices of eliminating certain food regimens, not enough consumption of certain nutrients, and crash dieting are not as effective as they claim to be. This article may serve as an eye-opener to help you stay away from them and help you find more, legitimate weight loss methods out there.

Low Fat Diet

Worst Popular Diets For Anyone (Part I)
Worst Popular Diets For Anyone (Part I)

People might include avoiding unsaturated fat which, by the way, is actually good for the heart. This diet actually encourages avoiding of process foods. But the alternatives can usually be high in sodium or sugar. For example, people will tend to buy low fat products such as cereals and desserts as the alternative meal. Guess what manufacturers add to make to make your cereals taste good – sugar.

HCG diet

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone produced at high levels during early pregnancy. It is believed to be effective in weight loss.  But a study claimed it is not in any way linked to weight loss. A shot won’t actually make you eat much and you’re limited to just 500 calories a day. But since it’s illegal without doctors’ prescription, synthetic HCG actually doesn’t contain the hormone and can be a root of scams.

Fasting Diet

Studies conducted in psychosomatic medicine conclude that very low-calorie consumption actually increases your stress hormone levels and may make your body enter “starvation mode”. It means you burn fewer calories. Intentionally fasting for the purpose of weight loss can also be associated with possible eating disorders.

Body Reset Diet

It’s more of a 15-day detoxification. It involves consuming smoothies for the first five days and solid foods are introduced on the remaining 10 days. Despite it seems like a healthy practice, it’s not. You’ll get bored of it sooner or later.  Also, smoothies are just a cleanse and is not guaranteed to lose weight. You better rely on your liver and kidneys instead since they are our body’s natural detoxifiers.

Alkaline Diet

Worst Popular Diets For Anyone (Part I)
Worst Popular Diets For Anyone (Part I)

Our blood’s pH hovers at around 7.4. And eating acidic foods disrupts the pH balance in the blood.  The alkaline diet is based on this idea. But this diet doesn’t have enough credibility because whether we eat acidic foods or not, it won’t affect the pH of our blood. The diet also restricts you from the beverages and foods you used to eat. Practicing this diet will just be short-lived if you’re not a committed vegetarian.

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

Apple cider vinegars have many health benefits. It aids in healthy digestion and is also capable in lowering blood pressure. People on a diet usually follow a strict diet for at least three days and drank it with water.  It’s a misconception that it’s part of a detox though. Over long periods of time, too much of it can lower your potassium levels and damage your teeth.

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