Top Foods For Weight Loss And Dieting (Part II)


Here is the second part of the top foods for weight loss. Incorporate these items into your diet so that you will lose weight. These foods are actually very healthy so you do not have to worry about nutrition deficiency. These are also great for helping you feel fuller for longer. Check out some examples by reading the article below.

Lean Beef And Chicken Breast

Top Foods For Weight Loss And Dieting (Part II)
Top Foods For Weight Loss And Dieting (Part II)

It is hard to completely eliminate meat from your diet especially if you are a meat-lover. Meat is essential as it is a good source of protein and healthy fats. The type of meat you should avoid are the processed ones as those are pumped full with preservatives that can harm your body. You should also avoid fatty meats as they add to the accumulated fat in your body and they can increase your risk of getting a cardiovascular disease. Protein is great because they reduce your cravings by sixty percent and that lessens unnecessary midnight snacking by half. A protein diet also leads to about half a kilogram of weight loss per week.

Boiled Potatoes

Top Foods For Weight Loss And Dieting (Part II)
Top Foods For Weight Loss And Dieting (Part II)

This is another food that has been receiving an unfair stigma as of today. A lot of individuals avoid potatoes because they look like they are loaded with carbohydrates. These are actually healthy and great for losing weight. They have a very diverse range of nutrients that make them great as a meal option. Potatoes are particularly rich in potassium which is a nutrient vital for blood pressure regulation and control. Another benefit is how filling potatoes are.


Tuna is another great option because it is a lean fish. That means it is low in fat, low in calories, yet high in protein. It is far more advisable to choose tuna in water rather than in oil as the former is way healthier. Fish are generally great for weight loss but tuna is an amazing choice because of how tasty it is.

Beans And Legumes

A number of beans and legumes are scientifically proven to be amazing at weight loss. You might want to try lentils, kidney beans, black beans, and other similar edibles. These are very high in protein and fiber. Those two nutrients help you retain your weight while making you feel fuller for longer. Other beans even contain resistant starch. The most important thing you should consider is learning how to properly prepare and cook these so that your stomach can receive them better.

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