Ketogenic Diet Types That You Must Know -

Ketogenic Diet Types That You Must Know

Ketogenic Diet Types

The keto diet is a diet that millions of people follow and it is also famous among the athletes and celebrities. This diet relies heavily on proteins and fats and includes minimum consumption of carbohydrates. You can enjoy bacon, butter, avocado, and more but you have to let go of sugars, processed foods, and starchy vegetables. The diet is not easy to follow and requires full dedication and involves eating right and also consuming the right amount of macros.

There are some keto variations that have been made so that people can follow this diet more easily. It is the best way to burn fats and promote the fat loss in your body. This makes your body look and feel better and many people suggest it as one of the best ways to lose weight. There are some modifications that you can follow so that it becomes easy for you to follow the diet and make it better.

The Standard Ketogenic Diet

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In this kind of diet you have to focus mainly on the fats like avocados, meats, fish, olives, and oils. You have to get around 150 grams of fats in one day so that you can get the energy that you need. It allows you to shift your metabolism so that your body starts to burn the fats. You have to lessen the consumption of fats to about 50 grams from 300 grams that you usually consume.

This means that you have to eat mainly non-starchy vegetables and other less carbohydrate filled food. Also, consume a moderate amount of protein so that you get the energy that you need to burn the fats and still get all the energy that you require.

The Targeted Keto Diet

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This is the diet that is famous among the athletes and people who require more energy to function. In this type of diet you live the keto lifestyle but you can consume a little more carbs. The more carbs is consumed before and after the workouts so that you can do a high intensity training and get a good exercise in. You can consume about 70-80 grams of carbs per day but you burn off these fats so there is no problem of weight gain.

Cyclical Keto Diet

Keto cycling means that you cycle in and out of ketosis while you have a great and balanced diet while you enjoy your off days. One kind of keto cycling is that five days you follow the normal keto diet and two days in which you do not follow the diet. You can save your off days to have your favorite foods like muffins, pizza, etc. If you find it hard to follow a certain diet then this one is a simple one that you can easily follow.


These are the ketogenic diet types that you can follow in which you can easily lose weight and still get the energy that you need. All these are some diets that you can choose from and it depends upon how well you can follow the diet and what your requirements are. These are the diet types that will make your life better and your body will also love how it feels.

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