How To Stick To Your Diet Guide (Pt I) -

How To Stick To Your Diet Guide (Pt I)

The first step to truly becoming healthy is knowing how to stick to your diet, resist cravings, and overcome hunger pangs. Eighty percent of your body’s improvement stems from your diet. You can clock in extra hours at the gym but they wouldn’t matter if you have issues with committing to your diet of choice. If you are having a hard time, here’s a guide to help you out.

Stay Motivated

How To Stick To Your Diet (Pt I)
How To Stick To Your Diet (Pt I)

Know the reasons why you want to lose weight or you want to be healthy. Maybe you want to live longer to see your kids grow up or maybe you want to get that beach bod to be ready for a trip. Regardless of what it is, your motivation should always be in the picture – figuratively and literally. You can print out photos of your body goals and have them near you at all times. Keep your motivation in mind at all times so that you have a layer of defense in the face of food cravings and temptation.


You are less likely to stick with a dieting regimen if you do it in one sweep. You will end up resenting the dieting process and your body might even reject it. It is far more effective to gradually transition into the sustainable diet of your choosing. For day one, clear out your cupboards of all the junk food you have. Add a fruit bowl on your next meal. Reduce your red meat intake. These little steps will make it easier for your body to adjust to the new conditions you have set.

It is also important to not go for fast diets or fads. These include the cookie diet, the banana diet, or the Atkins diet. The drastic change is unsustainable and at the moment you can’t keep up with them anymore, you will just backtrack all the progress you have made. Go for something that is realistic and something you can imagine doing for the rest of your life.

Love The Food You Eat

How To Stick To Your Diet (Pt I)
How To Stick To Your Diet (Pt I)

Dieting will feel less like a chore if it’s something you actually love. If you are not a fan of veggies then do not be a vegetarian. There are so many healthy options that actually taste really good and are enjoyable to eat. Take the time to explore all of your options and taste the healthy foods out there. You can even cook them to customize them to your liking. Go for sweet berries if you have a sweet tooth. Season your tofu with your favorite spices so that it will be more enjoyable to eat. If you love what you eat, sticking with your diet won’t be a sweat.

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