How To Deal With Hunger Pangs While On A Diet

Hunger pangs are one of the major hurdles while dieting. Here is a guide on how to deal with hunger pangs while you are on a diet. Hunger pangs are results of your body adjusting to your new food rations and impositions. It is a way for your body to ask for more energy but they are sometimes unreliable or just a result of a lifelong habit of binge eating. It is also important to learn how to conquer these because hunger is the primary cause of a dietary relapse.

Eat Breakfast

How To Deal With Hunger Pangs
How To Deal With Hunger Pangs

Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. Eating no breakfast will generate incomparable hunger pangs which then snowballs into snacking and binge-eating. Your hunger pangs are more intense if there is no food to begin with in the stomach. Eat something that is healthy and slightly filling.


Staying hydrated is another trick to conquer hunger pangs. It is very important to stick with the daily recommended amount which is eight glasses of water. Thirst and hunger pangs are very similar feelings so the hunger you are feeling might just be a false alarm. Drink more water if you feel hungrier to fill up your stomach somehow. It should be enough to tide you over until your next meal.

Snacks And Protein

How To Deal With Hunger Pangs
How To Deal With Hunger Pangs

Eat some healthy snacks between your meals to conquer the hunger pangs and to give your stomach something to digest until your next main meal. Go for fruit slices or nuts. You can also try eating protein every four hours to prevent intense hunger. Protein is a great source of energy so it won’t make your stomach crave for more energy in the form of hunger pangs. It also boosts your fat metabolism by up to thirty-two percent so the period eating of protein is also great for weight loss.

Sugar Intake

Sugar comes in many forms – corn syrup, honey, brown sugar, etc. It is practically everywhere and you need to be mindful of its presence. Sugar makes your appetite control more difficult to make sure to not eat sugar alone. Couple it with other foods so that it won’t be the primary content of your stomach.


Exercising does wonders in preventing hunger spikes. It is amazing at regulating your cravings by improving your energy levels over time.

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