Getting Started With DASH Diet: A Guide

Are you just getting started with DASH diet? Follow this guide to ensure a smooth transition from your normal diet into this new one. It is definitely a hard change to go from eat red meat one day and then little to none at the next. But that is okay because this diet is something that will improve your health on the long run.

DASH diet stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. Its goal is to reform your diet so that you lower your health risk and you can live a better life. Its other goal is to make your body independent in combatting high blood pressure so that you will not be super reliant on maintenance medication. The diet largely consists of nutritious foods rich in magnesium, calcium, and potassium. These foods include healthy grains, fruits, vegetables, etc. this diet also eliminates the excessive amount of sodium and fats from red meat and oils. These adjustments will dock off a few points from your blood pressure and make you healthier on the long run. To help you with the transition phase, follow the guide below.

Change Gradually

Getting Started With DASH Diet
Getting Started With DASH Diet

You are more likely to survive this diet on the long-term if you do the change gradually. The gradual transition also helps you not dislike this diet which then makes you stick with it. Begin by incorporating a few servings or fruits and vegetables each day. Swap out your unhealthy snacks for their healthier alternatives. Instead of completely jumping into whole grains, you can do it one serving at a time. Simply increase the servings as you go through the weeks. This gradual change will help your body get acclimated to the new dietary conditions so that it won’t actively repel the idea of being healthy.

Rewards And Forgiveness

Reaching for a full week with this diet is an achievement in itself. You can reward yourself with anything per milestone you attain. Make sure to not reward yourself with food in order to avoid fostering bad habits. The rewards could be buying a new book or a cool jacket, or simply reconnecting with a friend. It is also expected that you will slip up during this process. You might eat a chunk of red meat when you weren’t supposed to. It is important that you have a forgiving nature towards yourself so that you will deem the diet as something that helps you rather than it being repulsive.

Physical Activity

Getting Started With DASH Diet
Getting Started With DASH Diet

You can boost the effects of this diet by coupling it with physical activity. Getting the blood pumping through your veins will lower your blood pressure. Make sure to consult with your doctor regarding your physical activity of choice so that you won’t push yourself beyond your limits. Not all physical workouts are healthy and it should at least be compatible with your diet and capabilities.

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