Best Diets For Weight Loss And Health (Part II) -

Best Diets For Weight Loss And Health (Part II)

This is the second part of the best diets for weight loss. You might want to refer to this guide to stick to a diet plan that will help you lose weight. This article also outlines the scientific evidence that makes these diets effective in terms of eliminating body fat and excess weight. Read on below to find out more.

The Ultra-Low-Fat Diet

Best Diets For Weight Loss And Health (Part II)
Best Diets For Weight Loss And Health (Part II)Best Diets For Weight Loss And Health (Part II)

This diet limits your daily fat consumption to only about 10% of your total calorie consumption. On a normal day, fats take up to 30% of your total calorie intake. This diet is mostly plant-based and the amount of animal-based products is very limited so as to account for every gram of fat. This diet is high in carbohydrates and very low protein. 

This has been proven to be successful in eliminating excess with weight among obese individuals. In one specific study, obese people lost about 63 kg while following this diet. This is also great if you want to improve your chances of eliminating cardiovascular diseases as well as high blood pressure. The downside is that this diet might restrict your body’s development and regeneration. Fat is a very important element of building cell membranes and bodily hormones. These areas might be affected if you restrict the amount of fat that goes into your body.

Atkins Diet

Best Diets For Weight Loss And Health (Part II)

This diet is the most popular low carbohydrate diet in the market. It is also amazing for weight loss. This diet is based on the idea that you can eat as much as meat or protein you want for as long as you don’t eat any carbohydrates. This reduces your appetite which means you don’t have to worry anymore about overeating. 

The Atkins diet is split into four different phases. It begins with an induction phase that makes you eat 20 grams of carbohydrates lesser each day for about two weeks. The next phase is reincorporating healthy carbohydrates back into your diet. That is maintained until you reach your target weight. Studies say that this is much faster at weight loss compared to other low carbohydrate diets. This is particularly useful for eliminating abdominal fats or belly fats. The only downside is this is not safe if performed without professional supervision. 

HCG Diet

This is an extreme diet for weight loss. The person who participates in this diet can lose about half a kilo to 1 full kilogram each day. It uses human chorionic gonadotropin to boost your metabolism in order to burn off the fat without making you crave for food. This hormone is present during pregnancy for fetal development.

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