Best Diets For Weight Loss And Health (Part I) -

Best Diets For Weight Loss And Health (Part I)

There are several weight-loss diets in the market today. This article outlines the best diets for weight loss that you might want to try out. This is a diverse list that includes various options. There are diets that reduce your appetite while there are some that reduce the number of calories you take. Check out the most popular options and the science behind them below.

Paleo Diet

Best Diets For Weight Loss (Part I)
Best Diets For Weight Loss (Part I)

The paleo diet is also known as the paleolithic diet. It is based on the diet of our hunters or gatherers ancestors ages ago. The theory behind the diet is that modern diseases and illnesses are linked from the mismatch of our human body structure as well as modern food. It is believed that the human body has not yet sufficiently evolved to match the current diet being presented to us. 

This diet largely involves whole foods, lean meats, vegetables, nuts, and other potential foods that traditional hunters may have caught. Studies show that this is great for losing weight because they cut your carbs. You consume about 300 to 900 lesser calories per day.

Vegan Diet

Best Diets For Weight Loss (Part I)
Best Diets For Weight Loss (Part I)

This is another very popular diet option for losing weight. It is a stricter subcategory of vegetarianism. This diet means that you will eat plant-based food and you will not support animal-based products due to ethical or environmental reasons. This diet is also believed to be a resistance against animal exploitation and abuse. 

Veganism is great for weight loss because the diet is very low in fat which means that you won’t easily gain fats in your body. It is also very high in fiber which is great to help you feel full for longer. That means you will not eat a lot of food which leads to weight loss.

Low-Carb Diets

Low carbohydrate diets are likewise ideal for losing weight. There are many different kinds of low carbohydrate diets. The primary feature of the diet is that you limit your carbohydrate intake to about 20 to 150 grams per day. It emphasizes the idea that you have unlimited access to protein and fat for as long as you deliberately limit the number of carbohydrates you intake. 

This diet turns the fats of her body as the primary source of energy so that you won’t gain any fats in the longer run. These are ideal for obese or overweight individuals who are looking to shed off a lot of pounds. It is also amazing for reducing dangerous visceral belly fat which encompasses your internal organs. 

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