Best Diets For A Healthy Lifestyle (Pt II) -

Best Diets For A Healthy Lifestyle (Pt II)

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Here is the second part of the best diets for a healthy lifestyle. These diets are very sustainable and they have countless benefits. This list is diverse so there are many options that you can choose from and simply stick with for the rest of your life.


Best Diets For A Healthy Lifestyle (Pt II)

This diet is essentially the combination of two already proven healthy diets: Mediterranean diet and DASH diet. As the name suggests, this diet is all about improving your brain power and delaying the onset of mental decline that usually accompanies ageing. The MIND diet focuses on the foods that can improve your brain’s health and that includes green leafy vegetables, berries, and some nuts. Researches reveal that this diet has reduced Alzheimer’s disease risk by 35% for the participants who followed the diet moderately. The participants who followed it religiously lowered their risk by a whopping 53%. Go for this if you want a preemptive measure against cognitive decline. 

TLC Diet

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Best Diets For A Healthy Lifestyle (Pt II)

The TLC diet stands for Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes. This is very similar to the DASH diet because its primary goal is to lower the bad cholesterol levels in your system to give you a better fighting chance against cardiovascular diseases. This diet has a lot of fruits, leafy veggies, bread, pasta, lean meat, and some cereal. It is also a great diet because you are not specifically restricted to foods and you have many options to choose from.

Mayo Clinic Diet

This diet gives a focus in simultaneously achieving two goals: losing weight while fostering a healthy lifestyle. This helps you break out of your old and bad eating habits and then replace them with healthier and better ones. It largely consists of fruits, whole grains, and vegetables. In this diet, you can expect to lose about six to ten pounds on the first two weeks. You will also consistently lose a pound or two every week thereafter until you reach your final weight goal.

Nordic Diet

This is also known as the New Nordic Diet. It is largely interwoven with Scandinavian elements and culture. You get to have relaxed meals with your friends or family and you all share seasonal and locally-sourced food. This is like a farm-to-table setup and it is healthy because you handpick the ingredients yourself and you do not have to face and harmful preservatives.

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